Movement for Black Lives

Statement of Solidarity

We, the USA Cooperative Youth Council, wholeheartedly endorse this list of demands…

In the beginning of August the Movement for Black Lives released a national policy platform titled, “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice”.

Having used the past few weeks to take in and absorb not only the brilliance of this piece but also the potential impact it has on our work, our Core members, and  our general membership, we, the USA Cooperative Youth Council, wholeheartedly endorse this list of demands.

We recognize the historical wrongs that have led to our current unjust world.
 Therefore, the USA Cooperative Youth Council is committed to building a world that is equitable for all with specific emphasis around repairing and healing the wounds from our most marginalized communities. Found in the Movement for Black Lives demands on Economic Justice is the specific actions for government directed funding to support the development of cooperative or social economy networks to help facilitate trade across and in Black communities globally. In alignment with this demand, we want to promote models of cooperative justice that have emerged in the southern region:

  • Growing out of a food desert in Greensboro, North Carolina, the Renaissance Community Cooperative is an example of reclamation led by community to meet their own needs. In November 2016, RCC is set to open the doors of their brand new food cooperative primarily serving Black and working class people. We encourage you to become a member!
  • Another brilliant example of a cooperative organization building community power is Cooperation Jackson. Based in Jackson, Mississippi and inspired by the Jackson-Kush Plan, Cooperation JXN is fueled for the desire of a democratic and solidarity economyfor the sake of transforming the economic situation of Jackson, Mississippi. You can support their efforts by becoming a monthly sustainer.
  • And if you want to #BankBlack the following link will bring you to a map of the US, and the yellow dots are Black owned credit unions!


We stand behind these networks, organizations, and businesses that are seeking to build power for a universe that acts justly and in solidarity. We endorse this policy platform, and we hope that you will too.